Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dear Chuck

I should preface this letter to you by telling you and anyone who might stumble upon this post what a delayed horrible blogger I am. We can rename it the Dear Chuck blog and I'll update it once a year on your birthday letters. 

Nonetheless my dear sweet baby girl, how are we celebrating two years of you?! It does not even seem possible. This life moved too fast, it doesn't feel like we are already here. But we are. And year 2 has been so jam-packed with fun. 
It's funny how much you grew and physically changed this year. You started walking and talking and discovering and have become hilarious and so much fun. 

We got into a routine of normal. Long, seemingly never ending days, That somehow turned into weeks passing and months flying by. I wondered so much how your personality would develop and it has been incredibly awe-inspiring to watch it come to life. You are everything of me. Impatient and stubborn and oh so very independent. You know exactly what you want and are going to give both me and Daddy a run for our money. But you are somehow so much of him. You are loving and kind, rambunctious and full of energy. You went thru a phase, (funny enough a few days before we found out you were going to be a big sister!) where all you wanted was Mommy. That's pretty much gone. Daddy is the center of your universe and when you squeal with delight every time he lets you dance on his toes or throws you in the air I hope you never stop thinking he hung the moon. 

You are hilarious. You repeat things (we gotta get better with the bad words around you!) you learn and sing songs and dance around like you don't have a care in the world. I wish I could bottle that up. Mostly so you always feel like that-not a care in the world! You love Minions and Frozen, Barney and Playdoh. You like to color and paint and you LOVE shoe shopping. You love to read and play with bubbles, you know your colors and love to count the steps you walk up and down. Bossy and Bizzy are only allowed to share their food with you on your terms and if Let it Go comes on, we are demanded to stop what we are doing and sing and dance for you. No one said you would be easy.

You are everything I ever wanted in a daughter. Strong willed (Remind me of this when you are older) and loving. You hop so easily from carrying your baby and purse to walking outside to walk the dogs with no shoes on. You say "I love you mommy" the most adorable way possible and I see you growing up so quickly before me and try to soak in every second I can. I can't wait to watch you become a big sister. My money is on it being a difficult transition, but I know you're going to be so helpful. 

Happy birthday my little girl! I hope you know how very much you are loved. Since you were itty bitty my prayer has always the same for you, I pray God uses you for good, keeps you happy and healthy and helps you be strong and stand up for what you believe is right BUT most of all, I pray for you to always know how very loved you are! Thank you for lighting up our world. 😘

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear Chuck

Dear Chuck;

Somewhere between 26 and 27--life began for me. I don't even remember what it was like without you anymore? Surely I was less tired. I can see the aging my face has done when I look into the mirror. I feel like I could laugh at myself thinking I didn't have time before. All I had was time! I used to complain about how busy our lives were. Dad coaching, and our work schedules and feeling guilty about not finding time for Bizzy and Boss. And then you came. And I understood what busy really meant. And I understood how exhausted a person could actually feel. How fast days blurred together and how quickly months and seasons passed. But most of all I understood the clichés. Those stupid sayings about your heart walking around outside your body. It all literally made perfect sense. How could a little being make me feel so drained, exhausted yet so fulfilled and whole? How could you easily be the hardest most amazing thing I've ever done? I don't know, but I know that all 365 days of you in my life have been bliss. I don't know what gave me purpose before you? But watching you learn to hold your bottle, and grab your toes, pick up your food, turn book pages and mimic the things we teach you is literally mind blowing for me. How can something I helped create be so perfect?!? Oh Chuck, but you are. 

It's been a blessing to have you join our lives. I pray the same prayer for you every time I lay you down to sleep; I pray you are happy, God keeps you healthy and uses you for good, but most of all I pray you know how very loved you are. By every single person in your life! 

You brought out the loud spunk from the beginning and often I'd wonder if I was going to get everything I have dished out in you. I think it's safe to say you won't be easy, but you are an adventure. I wonder if you will be sweet, loving and thoughtful like your Dad, or if your going to be loud, outspoken and too brutally honest like me. Will you be laid back, or a bossy type A? Will you like girly stuff or fishing? Are you always going to think Daddy hung the moon? When are you going to stop thinking it's fun to have dance parties with your mom and dad? I wonder a lot about the little person you are becoming, and live in awe at how much of a little sponge you are right now. 

Thank you for being the most joyful and wonderful gift to me and Dad. Your little smile and laugh light up our world. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and how much you have grown. I promise to stop and enjoy the little moments with you always, and to let the messiness of the house stay in order to soak in some extra Chuck moments because if life flies as fast as it has this first year, I'll need to get in all the time I can! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hill country living

I'm a Houstonian. Born and raised. I can talk about the smelly air and the horrible traffic and awful weather but you don't get to. It's home. All of our family is here. Like ALL of them. Most of our friends are here. We have everything we need. It's the only place we ever considered being. BUT, I don't think my heart has ever really left the Hill Country. There is this relief I feel coming off of the Highway 80 and seeing the gorgeous steeple of Old Main popping over the interstate. I easily could gain 10 lbs a weekend from the amazing burgers, desserts and don't even get me started on the BBQ. The sound of the river flowing is the most peaceful happiness, And I swear to you, God danced when he dug out the hills along Devils Backbone.

There is no more peaceful place than San Marcos for me. And every time we go, I beg Bobby to move back. Maybe one day.... 

We got to be a part of my best friends wedding this weekend and took advantage of our time up there. 

And no trip to SM is complete without a stop at The good old Tap Room. Yep. I took my child to a bar. When she is old enough to eat a burger she will completely understand. 

And we can't forget the whole reason we were down there...

To celebrate these pretty people!! 

And my other long lost best friend...
And we must not forget that I was lucky enough to have the most handsome date. 

We cut a rug and had a blast. 
And in case you were wondering....this is how Chuck felt about the car ride up there and back home. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


You know it's time to take a break from Social media when stupid stuff makes you mad... 

But more than that when you have 15 minutes an evening to talk to your husband and things like "did you see so-and-so's post about xyz?!" dominate the convo. Not cool Beynaerts, not cool. So I'm doing a purge. Or cleanse. 

No lie it's difficult. But I'm less than a week in and conserving more battery life than ever and enjoying my family without details about Facebook posts or Instagram pictures! 

That doesn't mean I'm not snapping away constantly. I mean, when one of your roommates looks like's hard to not be attached to the camera. 

And proving to her dad she 100% has his toes...
And forcing our household to believe its fall when it's 92 degrees outside. 

And volunteering....

Oh and dealing with lovely homeowner things like water on a ceiling. 
A husband in the attic

And weather like this to make the above problem super. 
So yes, very clearly it's a busy life. I didn't stop taking pictures, or wanting to share them with someone, just stopped letting it consume my day. 👍 

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