Monday, May 14, 2012

And it all started like this...

Mon: Wanna create a blog together?
Bob: Yea.....(while not listening and 100% watching tv)
Mon: Okay YAY!

Thus Tackling Home was born. 

Look around a little and make ya-self at home! We are going to team up and do a better job of chronicling our misadventures creating our customized dream home outta a builders model. 

First up...paneling. MmM. I have many times professed my love for all things molded, paneled, bead-boarded....its so...BEAUTIFUL!

So with some inspiration from two ladies who DIYed it...I entrusted my FIL and Husband to make my dreams come true....

Gross boring entry way...

Said Husband and FIL got to work...

400 rounds of wood filling, sanding, caulking and painting later....

And just so you don't have to scroll back up...

What a difference it makes! We still are going to switch up the decor on top...I'm not sure what I want to live there and there will be a long entry way table, but this little guy has a home for now and we are going to put in hooks. 

like so....

but I'm 100% pleased and ready to take this look to more rooms. 

If you are anything like me, projects cost money and you wanna know how much...
Lumber - $80
Trim Paint - $25
Nail Glue - $5

Some disclaimers...we put this directly on the wall therefore did without the piece behind and we went with a cheaper wood that had to be wood filled and treated with some TLC. Budget-wise it worked for us. You may have the funds to go on with ya bad self!

We are debating if we would like to continue this look on the bar back or if we want to do some bead board instead. I'll keep yall posted. 

So there ya have it. Big house project #1...if you don't count cutting a huge hole in my back door for the "kids" to go in and out of as one?

Munchos Gracias for stopping by. Hopefully we can keep you entertained. 

Peace, Love and DIY!!



  1. This looks gorgeous!
    Great start on the blog!

  2. I simply LOVE this.

  3. This looks great...I love the look of board and batten and the dimension it adds to a space.

  4. Wow! I didn't really realize how tall this was in your pictures until I saw the one of Bob standing by it. i absolutely love this!!! I wish this style would fit our home but I am not sure that it would. :( This is so beautiful Monica, you guys did an amazing job!!!

    I NEED to find a way to have some sort of small shelf like that in my entry way for my random nick knacks! (Kyle does NOT like this idea)

    ***Bobby if you are reading this: Please try and rub off some of your "My wife likes to hang lots of decorations and fill the house with beautifulness and I am okay with it" tolerance onto Kyle. Thanks!!***

    Ps. Why the heck wont it let me follow this blog like I can for other ones?!?!


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