Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Hey Coach! What's For Lunch!?"

In the mornings at my school, we read the lunch menu for the kids in the announcements. It's broadcasted to every classroom and it gives me 5 minutes to shine. One day, our awesome science teacher belted out an intro for me, "Hey Coach!...."(and you know the rest is history) I'm pretty much a celebrity now and the kids yell at this phrase to me at all random times of the day. At times this is quite comical.
IE: :me yelling at a kid and putting him in timeout with my most stern look on my face:
 enter random 4th grader walking into the gym "Hey Coach! WHATS FOR LUNCH!?"

So that's my intro funny story to this blog. 

Wait, what exactly am I supposed to be blogging about? My roommate is upstairs working out so I dare not bother her. Ah yes, I am the "change of pace" that brings in a slightly different perspective of what's going on in our life. 

House projects are great. I am beyond thrilled how great of a job Mon has done and excited for many more DIYs. However, we just had a weekend were there were no paint brushes, wood, or nails in plain sight and it felt GREAT. I did mow the lawn and man, I tell ya, there is nothing more manly than taking care of your lawn. I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought an awesome edition to my weedeater and fixed my blower. Me and Frank (Mower Department) bonded for 15 minutes talking about how he had tons of experience with fixing and using weedeaters because of all his hours at community service.

(Okay,this is not Frank, but very similar and I'm sure just as helpful.)

As I write this, I see dark clouds in the window. Little things like this make me excited now because I want to have the thickest/greenest grass in the hood. One day I will get Yard of the Month.



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