Monday, June 4, 2012

All Manly Up in Here--part 1

While I'd LOVE to say granting my husband permission to make his man room everything he wants is a super selfless sacrifice I am making, lets get real. I am so the woman who allowed a pseudo Texans' Theme Wedding, football referencing wedding programs and embraced my husband leave our reception like so....

I love me some boys of fall, Owen Daniels, and the excitement of a kickoff just as much as the next 13 year old boy. I like to think I didn't really have a choice but to embrace it. Anywho. Part of the reason I so desperately wanted a game room area of our house was for him to be able to enjoy all of the gear I vetoed elsewhere in the house. 

I did have some guidelines:
1.) We are not in college, and most definitely not occupying a frat house. Decor needs to reflect so...
2.) I wanted a pub-like feel that could adjust to a kid friendly place when children enter our lives
3.) I wanted a manly sectional sofa that could house 6 people minimum. 

We have struggled a bit with my vision of wall decor and his, but I think he is placing a little more trust in me and I'm giving in to some of his ideas.....

All along I have wanted a paneling, for all you kids from SM think Sean P's and the dark feel. A couple of weeks back we were at a restaurant that had flooring on the bar-back and I fell in love with the subway look. We threw around the idea of actual flooring but vetoed it on account of not having the manly feeling as much as good ole' wood!

So sit back and enjoy the picture transformation of our TV wall. 

Sorry for the iPhone before picture! 

We started out by putting up a faux wall. This would give it more support and act as a cubby hole for all those awful cords you see. :) 

Whats funny is they built a work bench in the garage, but prefer an ice chest in the street. Bright kids I tell ya....

Backing up...

We put these on each stud...obviously....

Next up...mount the TWO TVs. Yes. I don't particularly get it either, but evidently its 100% necessary for fantasy football.

Adjust TVs for about 3 hours....make test run with pattern.

Stain late into the night.....

Wake up, and finish wall....

{Get mad at husband for not wearing safety glasses}

Enjoy the beauty that is man room wall.  

So, we still have stuff to hang, a shelf to build in along the bottom of the wall, a wall to paint, the list really is endless...but I'm 100% in LOVE. It's the perfect about of fun, man and pub that I wanted. 

We nailed the boards up creating a pattern that ill show you in better detail once we get the shelf in, however two blog post into this day I'm POOPED! 

Whatcha think?

We will do a big reveal once its all put together and all you Houston fans can get a kick out of our collection of goodies. 



  1. Holy CRAP!!! Kyle and I read this together and practically melted. That turned out AMAZING!!! You guys are so talented! Come work on our house!

    1. Thank you!!! Its fun...and we arent really talented! We just copy things we like! I cant wait to see your backyard!

  2. That is awesome! My hubby would love that! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at Pin It and Win It @!

    1. Thanks! and Yes, my husband deserves a nice room of his own for all the DIY he puts up with from me!

  3. I love it! Maybe my man needs a room. I have my studio that he gives me crap about decorating (I think he's jealous) so maybe this is the perfect solution. Fantastic job!

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

    1. Thank you!! He totally is on board with all my crazy ideas all of the time, so I figure its the least I can do! Plus its kind of cool! ;)

  4. WOW! That wall looks ridiculously amazing!!!

    1. THANK YOU! We are still working on it, check back for the finished product! :)

  5. Wow! What a gorgeous feature wall! Looking forward to seeing more! Great job! Thanks so much for sharing! ;)

  6. I just love it. Thanks for sharing at Pin It and Win It! Hope you will come again-- it opens this evening!


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