Saturday, June 16, 2012

All Manly up in Here--Part 2

Building a shelf

Hello random folks who peek into my house every week friends,

Let me just clear this up real quick. I love my wife. I love she's passionate about our projects. I love my house. We are blessed and I give thanks daily. Blogging, however, is not on the top of my priorities but what the heck, this is getting me out of cleaning the house for a few minutes. Ahem..ah yes, my man room. Let us continue....

This is the first tier of my shelf. 6ft piece of wood cut and shaped with a jig saw to take away the traditional rectangle look of a shelf. We originally envisioned stretching the shelf out 12ft for the whole wall, but price/ bending of the wood quickly changed our blueprint.
This is my father in his standard army or khaki cargo shorts. I prefer 1980s golf shorts. Check out that Longhorn hanging back there. 88 out the gate! 

Not too much different with this picture (my wife preloaded these for me and just told me to blog to make it easier), Oh hey, remember that work bench we built? We prefer a trash can.

This was a pretty simple project. No set backs minus me having to run to Home Depot to buy another bottom shelf after I cut all the inserts and was ready to stain. CAUTION: if you have massive strength, please be careful "placing" wood on ground.

In order to have the top and bottom fit along side with our two upright pieces (see below) we cut notches into them so they could fit snuggly. Now, my work with a saw isn't as good as my dads but it did the job. 
We cut these pieces down to about two feet and also cut down the edges at an angle to give it a different look.

The puzzle is finally starting to fit together! All we had to do next was cut down those long pieces, stain, put together and insert four 3 inch screws into the back of each shelf.

To attach to the wall, we left one panel of wood open on the wall with the studs showing. (See below) We attached a 1x3 piece of wood from the back of the shelf directly to the studs on the Man Room wall.

I guess she just had to throw a picture of me with my shirt off.

We stained it the same color as the wall to give it the feel of one big massive manly piece of greatness. It is very sturdy and bulky (see above picture of me shirtless)

Lessons learned: 
1. Do not throw place any type of wood on the ground. It will crack.
2. Make sure you have enough of a stain to finish a project before you start and realize they no longer make that type of stain.
3. The less involved your wife is with the planning of a project, the quicker it gets done. 

Yours truly,

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