Saturday, June 16, 2012

All Manly Up in Here--Part 3

Mon's been wanting to post stuff online and show people this room since last month. I am a firm believer in not revealing work 'til it's done. Well, it's almost done. There is one missing piece that I am working on. So as soon as I get the  "dice rolling," I will show you how sometimes you have to "gamble" in life.  #cliffhanger

When people see this, obviously the question is "hey dude what's up with two TVs?" Uh, hello. Do you realize that there are multiple sporting events on at a time or that you can't split screen Call of Duty and watch the tube?! Next question.

There really isn't a bad seat in the house. See how the Xbox and cable boxes sit underneath with no wires showing!
Despite all the man hours and money put into this room, this remains my favorite wall. Why, you ask (okay enough questions) because this represents my true love, the Texans and those we lost. One of my pet peeves is seeing people wear players' jerseys that are no longer with that team. I immediately knew I had to honor these men for their service and Jacoby being my homie on Twitter. #faircatch 

Cassius Clay in the background doing some intense underwater training. For some reason I feel like I can box even though I usually just spar against the air. I still can't believe the Astros got perfect gamed. Next picture...
My dad gave me this hat for some personal affects in the room. He was a die hard Oiler fan and always reminds me of how he went to the game the day after I was born, while I laid in an incubator fighting for my life with jaundice. 

Of course, no man room is complete without an autograph displayed. Just so happens one of my buddies from college, BBQs with Earl Campbell and was so kind to give us me this as a wedding gift. Thanks Bear! I guess I should probably put it in a safer place since my nephew cant yet distinguish the difference between an autographed football and football-football.

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  1. oh yeah, the double tv's are necessary when one has a man room. if you can swing it, why not?!


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