Sunday, July 1, 2012

BBBL--a little later than originally planned

As I've started to get back into this, I searched through some of my draft blogs I had done to see if I could cheat and pick up from one of those. My usual procrastinator self was happy to find the below; dated 6-12-12. Before I started this blog, I had another one and at the ripe ole age of 22, I created the below bucket list! 

You see the 11+ years Bob and I have been the unstoppable duo of Bobica, we have had a running mental list of things we wanted to do and accomplish before the "next phase". If I'm being honest, Bobby has humored me for the last decade plus. I'm a planner of the worst kind, and his go with the flow attitude and mine collide to produce catastrophic events on the daily. We created a BBBL (before baby bucket list) long before we even seriously talked babies. Obviously it's a little late for the BEFORE BABIES part, but never too late for some Bucket List progress. 

Do you have an actual bucket list? Is it a personal bucket list or a joint one? I'd say we probably have both. And the best thing about it is that it's never supposed to be finished! How boring would that be? 

The Bucket List

In no particular order; and all things I'd like to do before I kick the bucket. 

1.) Learn how to successfully navigate blogging. 
Jury is still out. Stay tuned.
2.) Buy a fixer upper house with a pool and pour my blood, sweat and tears into making it my dream house. Err.. buy a brand new house and make it everything we ever wanted!
We live in planning, transition and scheming all the time. We have a long list of projects waiting for us to begin, big and small. I am starting to feel the sad longing for a pool...this is probably not going to happen in this house. 
3.) Have babies. Gorgeous babies, and lots of them. (Catch me on a bad, stressed out with kids day and I SAY I only want dogs....dont let that fool you.) 
Well I'm obviously extremely biased, but she's pretty dang gorgeous. I can't wait to make more just like her. 

3.5) Be the best Mom I could ever be. 
If we are lucky, Chuck will be able to answer this in a few short years. But if I can, I'd add "live by my standard, not comparing myself to other moms and try to not harp on the little things and feel guilty" to the above. That will for sure be a feat for me....

4.) Sing karaoke in public. 

5.) Get married, to the love of my life. Big wedding, or small--walk down an aisle and see his beautiful face waiting for me at the end.  
100% had the most beautiful wedding (obviously biased) I have ever been to, with the most perfect man I could have ever dreamed of ready to spend his life with me.

6.) Spend a NYE in Times Square. 
Working on this still...I've settled for some amount of time in December as opposed to NYE.

7.) Go on a cruise. 
2 ships, 3 cruises, 7 ports. Best. Way. To. Vacay. 
8.) Have a gorgeous yard that my Beagle, and future Chocolate Lab can play in. And a sweet doggie door for them to go in and out of. 
Make that a Boxer to go along with the Beagle. Both of which share a doggie door my FIL (Father in Law) and husband installed. 

9.) Give a speech at a wedding. 

10.) See the pyramids in Egypt. 

11.) Spend a Christmas Eve with a less fortunate family and learn how to be more appreciative of the blessings I have. 

So for the past two years, we have hosted a Booze exchange at Christmas. (Think white elephant with nothing but grown up drinks to pick and steal from friends!) Somehow our marvelous friends did us a huge heart happy favor and brought toys. Bobs best friends mom started this amazing non-profit called A Simple Thread and we were able to donate these toys to the kids on Christmas Eve. It's so important for me that we always give back and it was pure joy being able to see the kids open these gifts. We plan to do this every year and hope the people in our life continue to help us give back!  

12.) Go BACK to Vegas. 

13.) Have those gorgeous babies in time to meet our great-grandparents. 
Seeing our great grandparents meet their great, great granddaughter is more special than we can put into words. 

14.) Change someones life for the better. 

15.) Successfully grow hydrangeas. 
If I knock on wood after I put this sleeping baby down I can go ahead and say my girls are thriving! Stay tuned, this is the most temperamental plant I've ever touched....
16.) Use my crockpot I got for Christmas 2009 that has only been moved out of the box since. 
Haha so if you know me, I don't cook. God blessed me with a man who loves his kitchen and you will never hear me complain about that. So being a coaches wife I've learned to embrace the crockpot. I got a good Hawaiian chicken down, a BeefStroganoff, Pork Tacos--but define igl need some more ideas for the upcoming football season.    
17.) Catch a HUGE fish. 

18.) Donate my hair to Locks of Love. 
Done it once, would love to do it more than once. 

19.) Skydive. With Bobby. (Its very cliche) 

20.) Piddle-Paddle with photography, fall in love and make it my passion. 

21.) Live near my family. 
We live 3 miles from My Grandparents, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law and 6 miles from my mom and Step dad. YES that's amazing to us!

22.) Have a big Thanksgiving dinner, that I COOK, at my house with ALL of our family present. 
Our first Thanksgiving in this house was the best. See 16. I don't cook, but we had everyone here!

23.) See the Texans go to the Superbowl. 

24.) Never have to go without DVR. 

25.) Take Bobby to Disney World. 

26.) Convince more people to register to be organ donors and save lives. 


28.) Learn to sew. 
Working on it...
29.) Play the piano. 

30.) Own my own business preferably a sno-cone stand. 

31.) Spend the majority of my middle life watching Friday Night Football games. 
See post about Bobby's Career. 
32.) Have every Scentsy fragrance ever made. 

33.) Own a pair of Jessica Simpson heels...or 2, or 3....Yep. closet is a happy home to 2 pairs. 

34.) Go on a roadtrip around the country. 

35.) Kiss under the Effiel Tower. 

36.) Write a book. 

37.) Collect watches. 
Well on my way...

38.) Spend $100 at a dollar store. 

39.) Swim with dolphins. 

40.) Drink a legit, Italian bottle of wine. 

41.) Travel with Bobby to Holland. 

42.) Change my last name. 
Meet Monica Renee Beynaerts. Be Jealous. I'm way cool.

43.)Teach Bizzy to successfully execute "dead dog". 
I posted a blog. Not 100% sure she retained this....

44.)Own a MAC. 

45.)Have twins...I have this obsession with wanting twins. 
Umm so no so much a bucket list item any longer. #oneatatimeisenough
46.)Have a closet like Carrie's in SATC. 

47.) Go on a date night every week with Bobby. 

48.)Meet Owen Daniels. 

49.)Design my dream kitchen, that makes me fall in love with cooking...psh. 

50.) Run a marathon.

51.) Be a supportive and encouraging Coaches Wife (and don't dwell on all the absence)  
52.) Think of more things to add to my list...

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