Tuesday, June 12, 2012

$$ Crafts

By now, its surely no secret I like a bargain. And decorating on a bargain makes me face-hurt-smile-happy. 

If you havent heard of Pinterest, get out from under the rock you are residing! Follow my boards---even though my pins are farther and fewer these days because I'm actually making them come to life! 

I pinned this idea a while back and knew FOR SURE I wanted it in the entry way. We have that crazy long wall that is currently just housing temporary object because I have a OCFOEWS (Obsessive Compulsive Fear of Empty Walls Syndrome) self diagnosed of course--and thought this would be the perfect addition to that wall. 

Truly one of my very first pins, I loved the look of this and was waiting for my butt to kick itself into gear to do it. I enjoy wood projects (have you seen my man room or entry way hall?!) but I needed a break from wood. So I went to my next bff---canvas. 

I picked up the 2 packs of canvas from Hob Lob on Friday, and snatched up a (drumroll....) $5.99 rubber mat from my other home (Ross). and decided to wing it. 

Oil Rubbed Bronze Krylon Paint and some Ivory Krylon Paint and a doormat similar to below 
helped turn some drab canvases,
 to some fab canvases. 

and then I changed my mind on where I wanted them....are you surprised much?

And just because I'm that CHEAP....You better believe I was going to find a purpose for the now Ivory mat.....

What a great addition that made to my powder room! 

Still cant decide what I want to do in there, but it's taking on a bird theme---left over wedding centerpieces (spray painted, of course!) HOLLA! This girl dont let nothin' go to waste! 

So there ya have it. Multi-functional DIY wall art. 

Now where else can I find a cool idea like this?

P.S. Have you noticed my blogging counterpart completely MIA lately? Yea me too. I tried to tell him, his fan base is dwindling. 



  1. Those are all awesome! SO creative! Thanks for sharing at Pin It and Win It-- I'm going to share this on FB!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! I try to get all my pics uploaded and blogged each week to share on your site!

  2. Cheapcraftymama shared this and I love it! I • too, love CHEAP! Great idea <3

    1. Thank you!! I know, being so cheap, I'm fighting the urge to go buy tons more and spray paint them different colors for different rooms!

  3. Congrads! This was the most viewed link last week at the Whatever Goes Wednesday party at Somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. I am highlighting it today!


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