Monday, June 4, 2012


She's Chandy's cousin. Okay a little too much corny-ness, I get it. 

But...FIL Steve had a brilliant idea (I hope he doesn't read this and me saying he had a good idea, might make his head a little big!) and asked why not take my spray painting idea to my fan! 


You see all of these builder homes come with grossness fans. And every fan I love falls in the $200 price no thanks. I got walls to paint, and molding to build. Insert Oil Rubbed Bronze Krylon--who is slowly becoming my bff. 

So before we can typically start any project that involves someone in the air, with improper shoes, we must secure the monster. 

{ Side note...he is NOT as cute as he looks....}

Once the monster was secured, FIL got to work taking the fan down. 

{ OH PLEASSSSSEEE MOM! I'll be good, I just want to help!!}

{ Insert trusty Krylon...I swear they arent a sponsor of this blog!}

Countless coats, re-jailing Boxers, unsafe feet on ladders, and failure to white balance later....

My fan looks a whole lot better. 

Lessons Learned:
Krylon really is as cool as I thought
White Balance Camera
Rhyming posts isnt necessary

Disclaimer: No FIL was hurt in the unsafe hanging of the fan. 


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