Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Both Fortunately and Unfortunately--House projects have continued--blogging has not. And before I continue--weird, but big thanks to all you guys who have messaged me about liking the blog. Its kind of a joke that we write the blog to look back and enjoy reading things we wrote back here, or here...

Clearly we have a record of unfinished projects, but our home will NOT be one of those! So I totally appreciate all of you guys keeping us in check, and letting us know you are taking on something fun for your place. Its super fun and I LOVE LOVE LOVE stalking what other people are creating for their houses so PLEASE SHARE!!! :)

All that aside, we have no excuses. Except I will blame Bobby for not holding up his end of our deal. But I'll do a quick catch up and try to keep the words to a minimum and let the pictures tell you the story....

First off...what started as an "easy-peasy quick project" turned into a pretty intense fiasco. I have a jacket problem...and I also have a walk through the door, shoes leave my feet and stay in that place problem. Thus I wanted a dump all. Fortunately Bob and I have LOTS of storage in this big house, so we decided we wanted to convert this small coat closet right off our laundry room to a pseudo mud room. 
We (aka Bobby) removed the door.  And Measured and pre-cut some leftover bead board from the bar.

We tricked our friend Richard into helping. *THANKS!*

Then we ran into a whole slew of problems....I had originally asked FIL/BOB to create a storage bench. But after the caulking and painting of the bead board took longer than expected, we just decided to scoop up the bench from Bed Bath & Beyond because it was a few inches shy of the space and would be a perfect fit. 


The funny thing about DIY, is it AINT ALWAYS PRETTY. A few inches shy of the space, meant a tight squeeze...

Two huge holes later, a letter to the future owners of this house and a bench that is tightly comfortably situated in its forever home....

Meet my favorite little corner of the house... 

She's quite functional and cute. Just my kinda gal. Yes. My Mudroom-Closet is a girl. 

Next up--I just did a quick coat of chalkboard paint on the inside of the pantry. Funky, fun and functional. FCubed! :) 

Then I finally completed a Starburst Mirror with shims. I guess its best to now come clean about my speech impediment. I cant say Mirror. I say MEER ROW. Get over it...dont try to help...I cant say it. I'll share the list of my other speech problems as they come up..

But yes, its much bigger than the last one

And finally...picked these babies up from the thrift store a couple of weekends back and had been waiting to fix em up. I think this will do.... 

SO Yes...projects havent stopped. But nothing too big taking place. We have plans to tackle our deck soon. But I'll be sure to try to squeeze in some more of my Halloween Decor. 

What have YOU been doing?!?! 


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