Monday, September 29, 2014

Hill country living

I'm a Houstonian. Born and raised. I can talk about the smelly air and the horrible traffic and awful weather but you don't get to. It's home. All of our family is here. Like ALL of them. Most of our friends are here. We have everything we need. It's the only place we ever considered being. BUT, I don't think my heart has ever really left the Hill Country. There is this relief I feel coming off of the Highway 80 and seeing the gorgeous steeple of Old Main popping over the interstate. I easily could gain 10 lbs a weekend from the amazing burgers, desserts and don't even get me started on the BBQ. The sound of the river flowing is the most peaceful happiness, And I swear to you, God danced when he dug out the hills along Devils Backbone.

There is no more peaceful place than San Marcos for me. And every time we go, I beg Bobby to move back. Maybe one day.... 

We got to be a part of my best friends wedding this weekend and took advantage of our time up there. 

And no trip to SM is complete without a stop at The good old Tap Room. Yep. I took my child to a bar. When she is old enough to eat a burger she will completely understand. 

And we can't forget the whole reason we were down there...

To celebrate these pretty people!! 

And my other long lost best friend...
And we must not forget that I was lucky enough to have the most handsome date. 

We cut a rug and had a blast. 
And in case you were wondering....this is how Chuck felt about the car ride up there and back home. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


You know it's time to take a break from Social media when stupid stuff makes you mad... 

But more than that when you have 15 minutes an evening to talk to your husband and things like "did you see so-and-so's post about xyz?!" dominate the convo. Not cool Beynaerts, not cool. So I'm doing a purge. Or cleanse. 

No lie it's difficult. But I'm less than a week in and conserving more battery life than ever and enjoying my family without details about Facebook posts or Instagram pictures! 

That doesn't mean I'm not snapping away constantly. I mean, when one of your roommates looks like's hard to not be attached to the camera. 

And proving to her dad she 100% has his toes...
And forcing our household to believe its fall when it's 92 degrees outside. 

And volunteering....

Oh and dealing with lovely homeowner things like water on a ceiling. 
A husband in the attic

And weather like this to make the above problem super. 
So yes, very clearly it's a busy life. I didn't stop taking pictures, or wanting to share them with someone, just stopped letting it consume my day. 👍 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dear BC Mon,

(A letter to the BC (before Charley) Mon from the AC Mon.)

I wish I had the words to describe to you how drastically different your life is going to get. I know you realize that "duh, obviously" a baby changes everything, but I don't think you will ever have a grasp how much. 

Remember when you used to think you were tired? (Hahahahahahahahahaha) GIRRRRL, you just don't know. Remember when you used to feel like 4 pm took FOREVER to get here so you could bust out those work doors and head home? Suddenly you're wondering HTF it's already 4:30 and you still have 10362528 other things to do. Remember what a conversation that didn't involve diapers, boobs or bottles felt like? I can't even remember what the heck we talked about. Remember when you used to feel enormously guilty for not hanging out with the dogs for the evening? Can you imagine now how thrilled they were for all that attention?! Remember when you complained you didn't have time for a pedicure? (See the hahaha on the tired and keep laughing....) Remember when you pinned this? 

Yep, it's so true. 

So, BC Mon, I hope you know what you're doing, but even if you don't you'll figure it out. And the days will be long but feel so short, and you will learn you didn't ever need concealer before, but GIRL it's time to invest in the good stuff now. And when you thought you couldn't possibly love your Bob anymore, oh you just wait till you see him and Charley laughing together. And most importantly, when you hear a sweet giggle, or stop a fussy cry, or watch those eyes close for the night you will realize in that very instant that every single exhausting, frustrating, defeated moment is made up for tenfold and this is THE BEST thing you could have ever done. 

And PS she's the most rewarding DIY you will ever tackle. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

2 years and a redo

Yall, first things first. Have we established I'm a frugal lady? Is that a nice way of saying I'm cheap. LIKE legit Cheap. Surely if you read this, you know me--and that's not a big secret or anything.

I dream of beautiful-ness in the form of Ethan Allen Furniture. Maybe its my grandma's house-full of it collection that has given me the partial-ness to appreciate it. But something about that gorgeous detail and craftsmanship makes my heart flutter. 
For serious, LOOK AT THOSE LEGS!!! 
Like this beautiful detail...

Anyways, one look at that and you realize its an investment. A good one, albeit one I'm not ready to make at this point in my life. 

So I settle for the next best thing...trash finds! 

Rewind 2 years, Bobby and I were making our final run at our townhouse packing up the last of the stuff to move into this house and we pulled in and there was a dresser at the dumpster. I don't know if Bobby slammed on the breaks in the midst of my scream or shortly thereafter, but right there outside the dumpster was a 100% wood, gorgeous (well sort of) Ethan Allen Piece. My heart skilled three beats and I could barely get it in our truck bed fast enough. (Have we talked about how much I appreciate my truck man?!)

Well we brought it home, and it sat....and sat...and sat...I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. I didn't know if I wanted to stain it, or paint it or a combo and I was busy doing all kinds of other things so it got put on the back burner. 
It lived in our dining room for an extended period of time...

Then we moved it to the entry way where its been hanging out. ('d like to say this is probably its forever home, but we play musical furniture like we change our underwear in this house and usually around Christmas (to accommodate our 4+ trees) things move and find new homes for the next year. )

But it hung and hung, and every once in awhile, Id remind myself out loud, without any action that we needed to do something with it. And then it would sit for another few months....

(so i tried batch editing in Photoshop for the first so much fun)

But you see that this baby had seen better days and needed lots of TLC

My maternity leave was sort of wonderful, especially because my husband was home with me for several weeks. (ONE of the FEW perks of marrying a coach...summers off) Him being home let me cross some things off my ultimate to do list--and I finally decided refinishing this would make me happy. 

I decided I wanted to just stain in darker. And if we are being honest, I wanted it even darker, but I was tired of the waiting game and house projects with a baby are done on her time. I also knew I wanted new hardware but am quite possibly the most indecisive person on the face of the planet, so consider this the 99% done dresser--I think the painted hardware looks cheap, but Momma's got little time to shop HobLob these days. 

We are still searching for what I want....

And what would any fun project finish picture be without a picture of my helper Boss. 

So for now, this is our bright and happy entry way, and my little piece of Ethan Allen....

Monday, July 14, 2014

A kayak DIYer

I used to complain about watching football all the time. Then I complained about all the fishing Bobby had to do. 

Nowadays I just don't complain! (Hahahaha well since Bob doesn't want to help contribute to this, he doesn't get a rebuttal to that comment)

Anyways, those days seem like a distant memory. Now I don't see my husband from Aug-Nov, and again from Jan-April. I believe it's called a Coaches Widow? Conveniently, fishing season takes place from May-July and from late Nov-Jan in the Beynaerts house. As we speak...(we are sorta speaking right?) he's out fishing. 

His preferred vessel is his beloved 10ft Kayak. And since he's trying to squeeze in some 
last nighttime trips before football season starts, he decided to create this lovely contraption. 

It's a surf rod with a jug and a flashlight. Not. kidding. 

In all honesty it's a pretty nifty little thing, albeit a little G.H.E.TTOOOO. Have we discussed how cheap Bobby is? Surely. This is the guy who would make me share a soft drink with him for the first 5 years of our relationship. BUT I love that he's creative, thrifty and can replicate products for half the cost. (Read my Pampers box knockoff chalkboard label.) I think I'll keep him.....

Oh yea and here it is lit up. Safe fishing Bob, safe fishing.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Special Red doors

Do you think "special" when you think of Galveston? Yea, probably not. It's a small island city, nothing to write home about, the water is murky, and lots of overgrown, abandoned-ness. But for the Beynaerts clan, it's one special place. 

For obvious (and biased reasons) I think this church is the most beautiful building I've ever seen. It survived the great storm, its got this amazing (and VERY ornate) alter, and it happens to be where I got to start this fun and extremely adventurous life as a Mrs. 

If I'm being honest, one look at those red doors, and the idea that they would have to open simultaneously to reveal a small church filled with the people we hold dearest in life, and a handsome stud at the very end of the aisle, I was sold on this place.

Yesterday we took Chuck down to visit it. It was a surreal moment and one that makes my insides smile.  

In true infant fashion, she was not that impressed. But we like the pictures we got. :) 

Photo: Guess where we brought Chuck?!? #charlestonemmy

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