Monday, July 14, 2014

A kayak DIYer

I used to complain about watching football all the time. Then I complained about all the fishing Bobby had to do. 

Nowadays I just don't complain! (Hahahaha well since Bob doesn't want to help contribute to this, he doesn't get a rebuttal to that comment)

Anyways, those days seem like a distant memory. Now I don't see my husband from Aug-Nov, and again from Jan-April. I believe it's called a Coaches Widow? Conveniently, fishing season takes place from May-July and from late Nov-Jan in the Beynaerts house. As we speak...(we are sorta speaking right?) he's out fishing. 

His preferred vessel is his beloved 10ft Kayak. And since he's trying to squeeze in some 
last nighttime trips before football season starts, he decided to create this lovely contraption. 

It's a surf rod with a jug and a flashlight. Not. kidding. 

In all honesty it's a pretty nifty little thing, albeit a little G.H.E.TTOOOO. Have we discussed how cheap Bobby is? Surely. This is the guy who would make me share a soft drink with him for the first 5 years of our relationship. BUT I love that he's creative, thrifty and can replicate products for half the cost. (Read my Pampers box knockoff chalkboard label.) I think I'll keep him.....

Oh yea and here it is lit up. Safe fishing Bob, safe fishing.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Special Red doors

Do you think "special" when you think of Galveston? Yea, probably not. It's a small island city, nothing to write home about, the water is murky, and lots of overgrown, abandoned-ness. But for the Beynaerts clan, it's one special place. 

For obvious (and biased reasons) I think this church is the most beautiful building I've ever seen. It survived the great storm, its got this amazing (and VERY ornate) alter, and it happens to be where I got to start this fun and extremely adventurous life as a Mrs. 

If I'm being honest, one look at those red doors, and the idea that they would have to open simultaneously to reveal a small church filled with the people we hold dearest in life, and a handsome stud at the very end of the aisle, I was sold on this place.

Yesterday we took Chuck down to visit it. It was a surreal moment and one that makes my insides smile.  

In true infant fashion, she was not that impressed. But we like the pictures we got. :) 

Photo: Guess where we brought Chuck?!? #charlestonemmy

Friday, July 11, 2014

Confessions of a FAD-er

I'm legitimately (somehow both ashamed of and proud of) a fad-er. What's that you ask? It's a new word I made up that would best be defined as a person who keeps up with the fads. It's not full on follow the leader syndrome...I have some things I hate that everyone loves (like JJ Watt, summertime, scary movies...etc) but I'm absolutely guilty of digging chevron, chalkboard paint, Michael Kors watches and everything "in" right now. I'm also TERRIBLY guilty of being too frugal for my own good. I'll swoon and obsess over particular things that I should just get rather than admire from afar, recreate countless alternates, or buy as many "knock-off" replicas which usually ends up being more expensive (and time consuming) than just taking the plunge in the first place.  

That being said...I've been digging this basket at Target for months. MONTHS. 

It has a nifty price tag of 39.99. Okay, so if I divided the months and individual Target trips I admired it and debated if it needed to come home with me, it may have averaged cents on the dollar, but no dice. Couldn't bring myself to spend 40 bones on it. 

Insert Make-it-Happen-Mon. 

We have a bunch of these bad boys laying around: 

(If you don't, cereal boxes work just as well. And if you don't eat cereal, we have bigger problems.) 

This bad boy, and some good ole fashioned chalkboard paint: 

A much cheaper basket from Ross, my trusty Glue Gun and some drying time later: 

Then I decided this one needed it too...

Soo...thanks Pampers for being my way out of $40 that I should have just spent. (My husband and wallet much more prefer this way.)




Wednesday, July 9, 2014

11 weeks

My littlest Chuck, 

How I have loved spending 11 long (yet somehow not long enough) weeks smelling you, kissing you, rocking you, feeding you, singing to you, watching you grow and changing your diapers. I love the way you wake up so early and we get to spend that 30 minutes together and then you fall back into a satisfied sleep. Then watching you start moving a few hours later and wake up with the biggest smile on your face. Our morning conversations make my life complete. Your small (and sometimes loud) coos and grunts are the cutest thing ever. I could hold you all day and night and it would never be long enough. Watching your eyelashes go from teeny tiny to long and beautiful has been a pleasure. Seeing your cute little patch of hair get thicker and thicker (while we refer to it as your toupee) makes me giggle. Watching those tiny thighs get sweet little rolls and your hands stretch out as you grow leaves me amazed. Afternoon naps with you are my heaven. Nighttime baths and watching you go from a cranky baby to a relaxed one, fulfill me like no other. Watching you sleep with your daddy could melt my heart into a million pieces. And laying you down, sound asleep after a long day watching you learn and grow; gives me more joy than I ever thought possible. 

I don't know what we did before you, or how we felt fulfilled. They way you fit seamlessly into our lives leaves us wondering why we waited so long to have you. Thank you for being perfectin every way you could be. 



Are we going to look back on this as the era of the #hastag?!? I mean not even kidding, my child (11 week old infant) has her very own hastag #charlestonemmy and I MAY or MAY NOT have mentioned to Bobby that when we are ready for baby number 2 perhaps we make sure he/she has their own unique hastag. #insane #ridiculous

Anyways, this husband of mine gets the insane privilege of working a career he loves AND enjoying that summer break. Sometime last summer he thought it would be funny to create his own hashtag to store and group his activities for the summer (or rub it in everyone-who-doesn't-have-a-summer-break's face). Sometime last summer; it became a hit (read our ever-encouraging friends humored him) and people started requesting to make an appearance on the summer tour. I hope you realize the hilarity of this. #bobssummertour #bobssummer2our

Last summer: 

This summer: 

#theouttakes #theleftovers #didntmakethecut 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Speaking of little Charley...

We had a pretty fabulous (laced with sarcasm) time preparing for little Chucks arrival. 

Imagine a belly this big...
Trying to get up and down some stairs and decorate a nursery. It was SO fun. Actually let me just say being married to a baseball coach during my 3rd trimester of pregnancy was probably the worst ever. (I've never been lacking in the dramatics) but with all the games, and makeup games, we had a select few weekends that we could make it all come together. Let's just say; Bobby was one busy man during every free second he had! 

I had no idea what I wanted...but I didn't want it to scream "I'm a baby girl" in here. Pastel pink isn't my jam. And seeing as we actually thought (for a weekend) there might be a little boy......I wasn't wanting to jump all in with butterflies and princess stuff. 

See naked room. I wanted grey, paneling (my name is Monica, and I'm addicted to molding, paneling, and all craftsman style details) and something she could grow with. 

We even got FIL involved. 

And Bobby has officially become my full fledged handyman. I show him pictures of what I want, and he brings it to life. Like these book shelves, or picture ledges...

Showed him, and voila: 

Screws, nails, white paint and a cheese-ball message to the baby later: 

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and am so glad everyone supported my "she's going to have blue" bedding phase. 

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