Monday, July 14, 2014

A kayak DIYer

I used to complain about watching football all the time. Then I complained about all the fishing Bobby had to do. 

Nowadays I just don't complain! (Hahahaha well since Bob doesn't want to help contribute to this, he doesn't get a rebuttal to that comment)

Anyways, those days seem like a distant memory. Now I don't see my husband from Aug-Nov, and again from Jan-April. I believe it's called a Coaches Widow? Conveniently, fishing season takes place from May-July and from late Nov-Jan in the Beynaerts house. As we speak...(we are sorta speaking right?) he's out fishing. 

His preferred vessel is his beloved 10ft Kayak. And since he's trying to squeeze in some 
last nighttime trips before football season starts, he decided to create this lovely contraption. 

It's a surf rod with a jug and a flashlight. Not. kidding. 

In all honesty it's a pretty nifty little thing, albeit a little G.H.E.TTOOOO. Have we discussed how cheap Bobby is? Surely. This is the guy who would make me share a soft drink with him for the first 5 years of our relationship. BUT I love that he's creative, thrifty and can replicate products for half the cost. (Read my Pampers box knockoff chalkboard label.) I think I'll keep him.....

Oh yea and here it is lit up. Safe fishing Bob, safe fishing.

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