Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Are we going to look back on this as the era of the #hastag?!? I mean not even kidding, my child (11 week old infant) has her very own hastag #charlestonemmy and I MAY or MAY NOT have mentioned to Bobby that when we are ready for baby number 2 perhaps we make sure he/she has their own unique hastag. #insane #ridiculous

Anyways, this husband of mine gets the insane privilege of working a career he loves AND enjoying that summer break. Sometime last summer he thought it would be funny to create his own hashtag to store and group his activities for the summer (or rub it in everyone-who-doesn't-have-a-summer-break's face). Sometime last summer; it became a hit (read our ever-encouraging friends humored him) and people started requesting to make an appearance on the summer tour. I hope you realize the hilarity of this. #bobssummertour #bobssummer2our

Last summer: 

This summer: 

#theouttakes #theleftovers #didntmakethecut 

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