Monday, July 7, 2014

Speaking of little Charley...

We had a pretty fabulous (laced with sarcasm) time preparing for little Chucks arrival. 

Imagine a belly this big...
Trying to get up and down some stairs and decorate a nursery. It was SO fun. Actually let me just say being married to a baseball coach during my 3rd trimester of pregnancy was probably the worst ever. (I've never been lacking in the dramatics) but with all the games, and makeup games, we had a select few weekends that we could make it all come together. Let's just say; Bobby was one busy man during every free second he had! 

I had no idea what I wanted...but I didn't want it to scream "I'm a baby girl" in here. Pastel pink isn't my jam. And seeing as we actually thought (for a weekend) there might be a little boy......I wasn't wanting to jump all in with butterflies and princess stuff. 

See naked room. I wanted grey, paneling (my name is Monica, and I'm addicted to molding, paneling, and all craftsman style details) and something she could grow with. 

We even got FIL involved. 

And Bobby has officially become my full fledged handyman. I show him pictures of what I want, and he brings it to life. Like these book shelves, or picture ledges...

Showed him, and voila: 

Screws, nails, white paint and a cheese-ball message to the baby later: 

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and am so glad everyone supported my "she's going to have blue" bedding phase. 

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