Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dear BC Mon,

(A letter to the BC (before Charley) Mon from the AC Mon.)

I wish I had the words to describe to you how drastically different your life is going to get. I know you realize that "duh, obviously" a baby changes everything, but I don't think you will ever have a grasp how much. 

Remember when you used to think you were tired? (Hahahahahahahahahaha) GIRRRRL, you just don't know. Remember when you used to feel like 4 pm took FOREVER to get here so you could bust out those work doors and head home? Suddenly you're wondering HTF it's already 4:30 and you still have 10362528 other things to do. Remember what a conversation that didn't involve diapers, boobs or bottles felt like? I can't even remember what the heck we talked about. Remember when you used to feel enormously guilty for not hanging out with the dogs for the evening? Can you imagine now how thrilled they were for all that attention?! Remember when you complained you didn't have time for a pedicure? (See the hahaha on the tired and keep laughing....) Remember when you pinned this? 

Yep, it's so true. 

So, BC Mon, I hope you know what you're doing, but even if you don't you'll figure it out. And the days will be long but feel so short, and you will learn you didn't ever need concealer before, but GIRL it's time to invest in the good stuff now. And when you thought you couldn't possibly love your Bob anymore, oh you just wait till you see him and Charley laughing together. And most importantly, when you hear a sweet giggle, or stop a fussy cry, or watch those eyes close for the night you will realize in that very instant that every single exhausting, frustrating, defeated moment is made up for tenfold and this is THE BEST thing you could have ever done. 

And PS she's the most rewarding DIY you will ever tackle. 

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  1. This made me smile! I love the stripes picture the best. I bet yall will always look back on this picture: )


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