Monday, September 29, 2014

Hill country living

I'm a Houstonian. Born and raised. I can talk about the smelly air and the horrible traffic and awful weather but you don't get to. It's home. All of our family is here. Like ALL of them. Most of our friends are here. We have everything we need. It's the only place we ever considered being. BUT, I don't think my heart has ever really left the Hill Country. There is this relief I feel coming off of the Highway 80 and seeing the gorgeous steeple of Old Main popping over the interstate. I easily could gain 10 lbs a weekend from the amazing burgers, desserts and don't even get me started on the BBQ. The sound of the river flowing is the most peaceful happiness, And I swear to you, God danced when he dug out the hills along Devils Backbone.

There is no more peaceful place than San Marcos for me. And every time we go, I beg Bobby to move back. Maybe one day.... 

We got to be a part of my best friends wedding this weekend and took advantage of our time up there. 

And no trip to SM is complete without a stop at The good old Tap Room. Yep. I took my child to a bar. When she is old enough to eat a burger she will completely understand. 

And we can't forget the whole reason we were down there...

To celebrate these pretty people!! 

And my other long lost best friend...
And we must not forget that I was lucky enough to have the most handsome date. 

We cut a rug and had a blast. 
And in case you were wondering....this is how Chuck felt about the car ride up there and back home. 

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