Thursday, September 18, 2014


You know it's time to take a break from Social media when stupid stuff makes you mad... 

But more than that when you have 15 minutes an evening to talk to your husband and things like "did you see so-and-so's post about xyz?!" dominate the convo. Not cool Beynaerts, not cool. So I'm doing a purge. Or cleanse. 

No lie it's difficult. But I'm less than a week in and conserving more battery life than ever and enjoying my family without details about Facebook posts or Instagram pictures! 

That doesn't mean I'm not snapping away constantly. I mean, when one of your roommates looks like's hard to not be attached to the camera. 

And proving to her dad she 100% has his toes...
And forcing our household to believe its fall when it's 92 degrees outside. 

And volunteering....

Oh and dealing with lovely homeowner things like water on a ceiling. 
A husband in the attic

And weather like this to make the above problem super. 
So yes, very clearly it's a busy life. I didn't stop taking pictures, or wanting to share them with someone, just stopped letting it consume my day. 👍 


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