Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dear Chuck

I should preface this letter to you by telling you and anyone who might stumble upon this post what a delayed horrible blogger I am. We can rename it the Dear Chuck blog and I'll update it once a year on your birthday letters. 

Nonetheless my dear sweet baby girl, how are we celebrating two years of you?! It does not even seem possible. This life moved too fast, it doesn't feel like we are already here. But we are. And year 2 has been so jam-packed with fun. 
It's funny how much you grew and physically changed this year. You started walking and talking and discovering and have become hilarious and so much fun. 

We got into a routine of normal. Long, seemingly never ending days, That somehow turned into weeks passing and months flying by. I wondered so much how your personality would develop and it has been incredibly awe-inspiring to watch it come to life. You are everything of me. Impatient and stubborn and oh so very independent. You know exactly what you want and are going to give both me and Daddy a run for our money. But you are somehow so much of him. You are loving and kind, rambunctious and full of energy. You went thru a phase, (funny enough a few days before we found out you were going to be a big sister!) where all you wanted was Mommy. That's pretty much gone. Daddy is the center of your universe and when you squeal with delight every time he lets you dance on his toes or throws you in the air I hope you never stop thinking he hung the moon. 

You are hilarious. You repeat things (we gotta get better with the bad words around you!) you learn and sing songs and dance around like you don't have a care in the world. I wish I could bottle that up. Mostly so you always feel like that-not a care in the world! You love Minions and Frozen, Barney and Playdoh. You like to color and paint and you LOVE shoe shopping. You love to read and play with bubbles, you know your colors and love to count the steps you walk up and down. Bossy and Bizzy are only allowed to share their food with you on your terms and if Let it Go comes on, we are demanded to stop what we are doing and sing and dance for you. No one said you would be easy.

You are everything I ever wanted in a daughter. Strong willed (Remind me of this when you are older) and loving. You hop so easily from carrying your baby and purse to walking outside to walk the dogs with no shoes on. You say "I love you mommy" the most adorable way possible and I see you growing up so quickly before me and try to soak in every second I can. I can't wait to watch you become a big sister. My money is on it being a difficult transition, but I know you're going to be so helpful. 

Happy birthday my little girl! I hope you know how very much you are loved. Since you were itty bitty my prayer has always the same for you, I pray God uses you for good, keeps you happy and healthy and helps you be strong and stand up for what you believe is right BUT most of all, I pray for you to always know how very loved you are! Thank you for lighting up our world. 😘

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